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Seminar on 12 March - Health risk in connection with hot work

There has been much attention concerning chemical exposure in the petroleum activities in recent years. Hot work, i.e welding, burning, cutting, grinding, etc. may cause high levels of chemical exposure. Personal protective equipment is often the only barrier against exposure.

In connection with the removal of the Frigg facilities in 2006, factors were uncovered in connection with hot work which caused the work to be halted. Following this event, the industry has conducted a major project which has generated important knowledge about the selection and use of respiratory protection, among other things. The results from this project will be presented during the seminar, which will take place on 12 March in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's premises under the auspices of the Norwegian Oil Industry Association.  

The seminar will be held in Norwegian.

Information about the program and registration can be found here: www.olf.no


Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
John Arne Ask
Email: john.ask@ptil.no