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Seminar on management and major accident risk – 23 January 2013

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) will hold a seminar on management and major accident risk on 23 January 2013. The speakers will include senior executives from various enterprises – and with a backdrop in several serious accidents and near-misses in the petroleum activities in recent years – we expect an exciting session.

When: Wednesday, 23 January , 08:30 – 13:45

Where: Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, Stavanger, link to map 

Programme (PDF)


The seminar is free.

The presentations will be held in English.

The background for the seminar is that the PSA has held meetings with a number of different companies and licensees for several years in which the management has presented how they maintain an overview of major accident risk, and how they work to reduce the major accident risk to which the companies are exposed. The objective has been to focus on what information the corporate management uses as a basis, and what actions management chooses to take on this basis.

Several speakers at this seminar will share their companies' experience and challenges within the topics addressed in these meetings.


List of speakers (see also complete programme)


Contact in the PSA:
Bjørn Andreas Hanson
E-mail: bjorn.andreas.hanson@ptil.no
Telephone: 51 87 61 46