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Successful contractor seminar in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

The contractor seminar organized by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) on 7 April was successful. The objectives of the day were achieved, and the 140 participants showed a lively interest.
The contractors demonstrated that they have many joint challenges, and that many of these lie in the interface between the various players in the contract chains.
The contractor industry highlighted several of the initiatives for Working Together for Safety (Samarbeid for Sikkerhet (SfS)) as good measures to ensure common practices and understanding.

The PSA's seminar was attended by contracting companies within the areas of catering, maintenance and modification, removal, well service, drilling and diving.

One of the goals was to identify/share experiences and challenges within the field of HSE across the entire range of the contractors' activities, and to discuss how these challenges can be met. Another goal was for the seminar to assist in the building of networks.

The PSA wants to increase focus on the activities carried out by contractors on the Norwegian shelf.

The background for this effort includes Storting White Paper No. 7 on health, environment and safety in the petroleum activities (the "HSE White Paper"), which identifies certain challenges linked to the interface between the various players in the activities (see e.g. Chapter 4.17)

When we know that about 60 percent of those who work offshore in the petroleum activities are contractor employees, this also underlines the need for direct follow-up vis-à-vis this group of players. The industry has also expressed a need for more direct contact between contractors and the PSA.

Through the process of Acknowledgement of Compliance for mobile drilling facilities in recent years, the shipping companies have experienced a crystallization of their responsibility, and competence regarding the HSE regulations and communication with the PSA has improved.

The speakers highlighted a few common and some unique issues and challenges. The questionnaire surveys implemented in connection with the PSA's project "Trends in risk levels on the Norwegian shelf" (RNNS) support this view.

Some specific challenges also emerged in the presentations, which will be important in the continued work of both the PSA and the contracting companies.

It will also be important for the PSA to look at the overall challenge scenario. Work must be done to create a common understanding of the situation for the challenges that lie in the interplay between the various players in the petroleum activities, as well as to find good arenas in which to develop this interplay.

The seminar stands as a good beginning for the dialogue between the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and the contracting companies.

Contacts in the PSA: