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Summaries from the NPD's audits

Links to summaries from the NPD's audit reports

Anyone can ">demand access to the public content of the NPD's case documents.

November 2003
">Gas leaks on Snorre A (Statoil)
">Gas leaks on the Sleipner field (Statoil)
">Load-bearing structures on Valhall (BP)
">Pipelines and risers on Kristin (Statoil)

October 2003
">Consent processes (Statoil)
">Serious personal injury (Odfjell Drilling)
">Hiring of rig for drilling (Pertra)
">Cranes on Port Rigmar (Ocean Rig)

September 2003
">Choice of materials (Norsk Hydro)
">Bidding process for rigs (Total)
">Stena Don (Stena)
">Gas leaks on the Norne field (Statoil)
">Barriers on Valhall (BP)
">Engineering of 2/4M - loadbearing structures (ConocoPhillips)
">Radioactive sources on Heidrun (Statoil)
">Emergency preparedness on Heimdal (Norsk Hydro)
">Design of control room (Statoil)

August 2003
">Overhaul of well control equipment (Transocean etc)

July 2003
">Restitution, employee participation, ... (Marathon etc)
">Heidrun - follow-up of incidents (Statoil)
">Engineering of the 2/4M jacket (ConocoPhillips)
">Alarm systems on production installations
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The NPD's coordinator for publication of this information is Principal Engineer Mike Theiss.