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Survey of the PSA's audits

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is undertaking a user survey in order to understand how our supervisions are perceived and what impact they have, and to discover any improvement points for future surveys.

The survey will apply to companies audited by the PSA for a period from 1 June 2018. The questionnaire will be sent by our consultants ideas2evidence to the company's official contact person, starting in August 2018. The companies will only submit one completed questionnaire per audit.

Once the user survey had been completed, the consultancy firm will prepare a report. This will contain summary statistics of the companies' responses, in addition to learning points from the free-text fields.

In order to guarantee anonymity, the PSA will only have access to summary data. We will not receive information about individual companies' responses.

Contact person:
Janne Haugland, e-mail: janne.haugland@ptil.no