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Targeted information about working in Norway

Are you planning to recruit labour from the EEA/EFTA area, working in Norway, or operate commercial activities in Norway? Now, three information booklets provide answers to key questions about staying in Norway, taxes, national insurance services, work and employers.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is concerned with enterprises, labour immigrants and foreign service providers receiving satisfactory, comprehensive and easily accessible information about Norwegian regulations.

Therefore, the PSA has developed three information booklets in cooperation with the Norwegian Labour Inspection authority, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), the tax authorities (Skatteetaten) and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway supervises the activities on the shelf and at the large petroleum facilities on land.

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The booklets provide information to Norwegian enterprises which are going to recruit employees from the EEA area, to enterprises from the EEA area which operate in Norway, and to employees from this area who are going to work in Norway.

The booklets contain key information to each individual target group on staying in Norway, taxes, national insurance services, work and employers. The information includes an overview of rights and duties for employees and employers, as well as key provisions in the Norwegian regulations. The booklets are also intended to function as a guide with contact information for the various authorities.

So far, the booklets have been translated into English, and a Polish version is being prepared. You can find them in the link box.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Legal Adviser
Linda Halvorsen

Inquiries from the media:
Press contact
Kristin Hoffmann
Telephone: 51 87 62 19