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The annual Safety Forum conference 2010

The Safety Forum will open its traditional conference on 3 June at Hall Toll in Stavanger. This year’s title is “Always prepared?” and registration has now started.

Among the speakers are former CEO of Statoil, Harald Norvik, OLF’s new director general, Gro Brækken, and the head of technical policy in the IndustriEnergi trade union, Frode Alfheim, together with PSA director and head of the Safety Forum, Magne Ognedal.

The title of this year’s conference is “Always prepared?” and the theme is major accident risk.

Major accidents and management responsibility have been prioritised areas for the Petroleum Safety Authority in recent years, where lessons learned from the Alexander L. Kielland accident, the Piper Alpha accident, the 2005 Texas City accident, the blowout on the Montara field in Australia in 2008 and the helicopter accidents in Great Britain and Canada in 2009 have been crucial.

Major accident risk was further emphasised in connection with the tragic fire on the Transocean rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico in April of this year.

Have we learned from the past? How can we prevent it from repeating? How can we use the experiences from major accidents, on the Norwegian shelf and internationally, to make our activities safer?

How do we face Norway’s challenges in relation to being a sustainable energy nation? Do the new regulations provide the tools we need for future challenges?

How do organisations learn from accidents, from each other and across shelves?

These are some of the questions the Safety Forum will ask.

Last year, the conference was fully booked long before the registration deadline, so register soon to ensure participation.

The final program for the conference will be published on the PSA’s website on Monday, but registration is open now. You will find a registration link in the right-hand column.

Contact information
Angela Ebbesen, Safety Forum technical secretary
E-mail angela.ebbesen@ptil.no