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The Emergency Preparedness Award goes to the Petroleum Safety Authority

The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) was last night awarded the Emergency Contingency Award for its innovative and dedicated development efforts.

The award was presented by Ketil Karlsen, who is accountable for HSE-issues in Industry Energy, to discipline leader of Logistic and Emergency Preparedness in the PSA, Svein Anders Eriksson, at the gala dinner of the Emergency Preparedness Conference in Tromsø last night.

"The Petroleum Safety Authority, which was earlier a division of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, has developed a supervisory system that is future-oriented, open and international in its work. The PSA has demonstrated a unique ability and willpower to develop a set of regulations, which is contemporary, demanding and bold",  the citation says.

"The performance-oriented laws and regulations of Norway, which many other nations look up to, has been developed in an future-oriented environment characterized by curiosity and innovation and through collaboration with the petroleum industry, research communities and workforce representatives. This is why the Programme Committee has decided to award the PSA this year’s prize for innovation and development",  says Ketil Karlsen, technical director of Industry Energy and a member of the Programme Committee.

It was also emphasized that the honour goes not only to the PSA, but also to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for its efforts in the time before the division.