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The NPD investigating the fatal accident on the Gyda field

Four persons from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate are now investigating the fatal accident that occurred on the Gyda platform on Friday, 1 November.

Gyda platform. Photo: BP4 November 2002

One person was killed during a lifting operation on the pipe deck. The accident was reported at 0655 hours. The deceased was employed by Smedvig Offshore, while BP is operator of the installation.

Shortly after the accident was reported, four NPD employees traveled to the Gyda platform (photo), which is located in the southern part of the North Sea. The NPD's investigation team will also provide technical assistance in connection with the police investigation of the incident.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has been working on issues related to the safety of crane operations for quite some time. In August 2000, the NPD published a report regarding ">Causal relations in lifting operations incidents.

The background for this was that the NPD has in recent years noted a marked increase in incidents in connection with lifting appliances and falling objects - on both permanent and mobile installations. In the NPD's opinion, some of these incidents could have led to extremely serious accidents.

Contact person in the NPD: Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg.