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The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's annual report 2006 - fact section

The fact section deals with important results from our activities in 2006. Furthermore, the report contains brief information on personal injuries, work-related illness, leaks, fires and damage to structures and pipelines. There is also a brief statement regarding the authority's organisational matters.


The fact section should be considered in connection with the publication "Safety - status and signals (2006-2007)", which to a greater degree translates the actual conditions into reflections on the challenges we face and what measures we believe should be taken to get the development moving in the right direction.

The annual report's facts about accidents and injuries represent a sample of the risk indicators included in the project "Trends in risk levels" (RNNS). For more in-depth statistics etc., related to the total risk situation and its development, we refer to the report from the RNNS project (link).