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The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's annual report 2007 - facts section

The facts section deals with important results from our activities in 2007. Furthermore, the report contains brief information on personal injuries, work-related illness, leaks, fires and damage to structures and pipelines. There is also a brief statement regarding the authority's organisational matters.

This publication is the facts section of the annual report from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) for 2007. It should be read in conjunction with our publication entitled Safety – status and signals 2007-2008, which summarises issues of particular concern to us last year and looks ahead to the biggest challenges we foresee in the future.

These pages provide factual information on conditions which affected our operations in 2007. That includes the priorities we set for our supervisory activities and other work, together with facts about incidents, accidents and injuries and our assessments of these.

Our selection of incidents, accidents and injuries has been based to some extent on the conditions we have found to be of general interest. In other words, the annual report does not aim to give a complete picture of all types of risk to which players in the petroleum industry must relate. For a more comprehensive review of the risk picture in this sector, readers are referred to our annual report on trends in risk level in the Norwegian petroleum activity. A summary of the information relating to offshore operations is available in English.

We hope that these three publications will collectively provide a good overall picture of the safety challenges presented by the petroleum industry in Norway, the responsibilities of the participants in this activity, and how we as the regulatory authority supervise industry observance of these responsibilities.

The facts section of the PSA's annual report is issued electronically only.