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The PSA to investigate hydrocarbon leak on Oseberg C

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has initiated an investigation of the hydrocarbon leak that occurred on the Oseberg C facility on Friday, 12 September.

The PSA was notified about the significant leak at 18:00 hours on Friday.  Oseberg C is operated by StatoilHydro.  An inspection conducted after confirmation that the facility had been depressurized revealed a rupture in an equalization line.

In accordance with the routine response, all personnel mustered at the lifeboats but no one was injured in connection with the incident – which led to a general alarm and shut-down of production.  

All hydrocarbon leaks entail a hazard.  Fire and/or explosion will result if a hydrocarbon leak is ignited.  Such incidents constitute a significant hazard for personnel on board, the facility itself and the surroundings.

Oseberg C is an integrated living quarters, process and drilling platform located more than 14 km north of the field centre.  The Oseberg field centre is located about 130 km north-west of Bergen.

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Inger Anda, press spokesperson

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