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The rig market report

The rig market report with appendices was published in January 2000 and may be found on OLF's web site.
The report addresses costs associated with bringing mobile drilling rigs on to the Norwegian shelf from the British shelf. The defined extra costs can mainly be attributed to regulatory requirements, collective wag

After the report was issued, OLF and the NPD arrived at the following unified understanding of the content of the report.

Subsequently, in the autumn of 2000, the HSE-OSD in the U.K. reviewed and evaluated the Rig Market Report's conclusions concerning the differences in regulatory requirements between the British and Norwegian shelves. The main conclusion, as the NPD interprets the comments from HSE-OSD/UK, is that the gap between regulatory requirements on the British and Norwegian shelves is smaller than indicated in OLF's report.

A summary of the HSE's comments on the rig market report is appended.
">Letter from HSE. Comparsion of UK and Norwegian legislative requirements.

Follow-up of the Rig Market Report's four recommendations is handled in connection with the NPD's work under the direction of NSOAF (North Sea Offshore Authorities Forum) and the regulatory work. OLF has similar actions that are handled through its organization.

In its work on new HES regulations, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has reviewed the factors raised in the Rig Market Report and has, where equally safe solutions are available, chosen to refer to standards and provide an opening for alternative solutions in individual cases. In other instances, the NPD has chosen to retain the requirements as before based on feedback from the industry, experience from audit activities, etc.