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Trends in risk levels 2006: A challenge to make a commitment to well integrity and mooring

Press release:
The number of incidents with a major accident potential was stable or falling in 2006, depending on what aspects one is looking at. Nevertheless, the overall indicator for major accidents and fatalities remains unchanged from the previous year. This emerges from the Risk Level Project, which was presented today.
As a cause of the report, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is asking the industri and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association to make a special commitment towards reducing the risk level within well integrity and mooring. The goal is to improve the HSE level in line with the effect of the hydrocarbon leak project which the industry established in 2003.
At a press conference in Stavanger, both the Risk Levels report, the PSA's annual report 2006 - fact section and the 2006 report from the DSYS diving data base were presented.

Trends in risk levels 2006-articles:

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's annual report 2006 - fact section
The fact section deals with important results from our activities in 2006. Furthermore, the report contains brief information on personal injuries, work-related illness, leaks, fires and damage to structures and pipelines. There is also a brief statement regarding the authority's organisational matters.

The DSYS diving data base
There were five times as many hours spent on saturation diving* in 2006 as in 2005. One personal injury and six near incidents were reported related to saturation diving for the year. The figures are derived from the PSA's report from the DSYS diving data base.