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Two investigations initiated following incidents involving falling objects

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is investigating two incidents involving falling objects on the Stena Don and the Transocean Searcher.

On 30 May, a hydraulic tool fell from its storage position down to the drill floor on the mobile drilling facility Stena Don, operated by Stena Drilling. The hydraulic tool, used to handle casing, weighs 790 kg and fell about 5.5 meters. There were no personnel on the drill floor when the incident occurred.

On 2 June, a blowout preventer (BOP) fell about one meter while it was being readied for use on the mobile drilling facility Transocean Searcher, operated by Transocean. The facility was moved about 40 m away from the well template to reduce the possibility of injury/damage if the BOP, weighing about 175 tonnes, should fall into the sea. No one was injured in the incident, and there was no structural damage to the rig.

There is no direct connection between the two incidents, although both took place on mobile drilling facilities operating for Statoil on the Åsgard field. The drilling contractors are also investigating the incidents, in cooperation with Statoil.

The objective of the PSA's investigations is to clarify the scope of these incidents and the course of events, as well as to describe the actual and potential consequences for human beings and material assets. The aim of the investigations is to clarify both triggering and underlying causes of the incidents.

The police have initiated an investigation of the incident on the Transocean Searcher, and in this context the PSA's investigation group will also provide expert assistance to the police.

The results of the investigations will be published on the PSA's website.

Contact in the PSA:
Inger Anda, press spokesperson
E-mail: inger.anda@ptil.no
Telephone: +47 970 54 064