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Unacceptable use of risk calculations

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is concerned with regard to how some companies carry out and use risk analyses. Among other things, we have observed unacceptable use of risk calculations as an argument for setting aside specific requirements in the health, safety and environment legislation - and for selecting solutions that give a poorer level of safety than the established minimum level. In identical letters to the industry, we have pointed out and emphasized the prevailing regulatory requirements.

The risk analyses are to be used on the basis of an intention and/or a desire to identify and select the best possible solutions in a health, safety and environment perspective.

In connection with the petroleum activity on the Norwegian shelf, risk analyses have been, and will also continue to be, an important aid, in part to:

  • identify the most important contributors to the risk for human beings, the environment and financial assets,

  • identify new and better solutions,

  • analyze and assess the risk associated with specific solutions and activities (both individually and together).


Risk analyses have a key place in the regulatory requirements at various levels, from general requirements laid down in the Framework Regulations to supplementary requirements in the Management, Facilities and Activities Regulations, as well as in the statutory basis.

In our identical letters, one of the items we highlighted was that correct implementation and use of risk analyses constitutes an important part of the basis for making decisions of importance for health, safety and the environment.

A copy of the letter has been sent to the members of the Safety Forum.

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