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User survey: good and professional audits

A user survey has been conducted by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) to learn more about how its audits are perceived by the industry and the effect they have, and to identify potential improvements. The results are now available.

The PSA conducts a number of audits in the course of a year with players in the petroleum industry, and naturally wants to ensure that such supervisory activities meet a high level of quality and have the greatest possible effect.

Carried out recently, the survey concludes that the companies by and large feel the PSA carries out its audits in a good and professional way. At the same time, areas with a potential for improvement have been identified.

Link to PDF presentation of the results (in Norwegian only).

Results from the user survey will now be incorporated in improvement efforts at the PSA. The authority also wants to obtain additional information, and has therefore decided to conduct a similar investigation covering all audits carried out in 2019.

The survey in brief

  • The user survey was directed at companies where the PSA conducted an audit between 1 June and 15 October 2018.
  • Questionnaires were sent to a total of 43 companies. The response rate was 79 per cent.
  • The survey was carried out on behalf of the PSA by the Ideas2evidence consultancy.