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Working Together for Safety (SfS) promotes joint training on the Internet

Working Together for Safety has started a project to increase people's knowledge of what the industry has learnt from investigating incidents. By sharing this information through visualisations, it is hoped that the knowledge will help reduce the number of undesirable incidents on the Norwegian Shelf.

To contribute to learning and the reduction of undesirable incidents, the company Mintra AS has for several years been assisting the industry with visualisation of such incidents. The aim is to provide a quick and instructive insight into the incidents.

The visualisations are based on reports from the industry and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), and the intention is to make these reports more accessible. This initiative has been well received by offshore and onshore personnel alike, and there is broad agreement that the visualisations will make people learn better.

Working Together for Safety has now signed an agreement with Mintra AS to extend the work. A total of ten visualisations are planned for 2007. Each will come in a Norwegian as well as an English version and is intended as a starting point for a Safety meeting discussion, or for in-depth study in smaller groups. Individuals may of course also benefit greatly from watching the visualisations.

The visualisations are distributed free of charge via the website Working Together for Safety.

About Working Together for Safety:
Working Together for Safety (SfS) is to be a "Forum for Best Practice", and is the biggest cooperation project within Health, Safety and the Environment in the petroleum industry.

The organisations that participate in SfS commit themselves to long-term cooperation in line with the expectations stated in Storting Report No.7 (2001-2002) "On Health, Safety and the Environment in the petroleum activities". This is pursued in Storting Report No. 12 (2005 - 2006).

The PSA participates in SfS as an observer.

Contact in the PSA:
Svein Anders Eriksson,
Discipline leader and observer in SfS
E-mail: Svein.Eriksson@ptil.no