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Audit of COSL Pioneer

During the period 22 – 24 March 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the drilling facility COSL Pioneer. The audit was directed towards electrical and safety systems, maintenance management, materials handling, drilling and well technology, as well as systems connected with use of the facility's helicopter deck.

The audit is part of the PSA's processing of the application from COSL Drilling Europe A/S (CDE) regarding an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for COSL Pioneer.

The objective of the audit was to verify that the quality of performed compliance measurements of technical and management factors was satisfactory.

Another objective was to verify and follow up that the facility has been designed and built according to applicable requirements in the petroleum regulations.

Electrical and safety systems
Robust solutions and recognised suppliers have been used for most electrical and safety systems. We have noted that the required documentation indicating strategies and performance standards for use of the various systems was not in place.

Some of this information is found, however, in design documents and various analyses that have been performed for the construction phase.

However, strategies and principles had not been determined for barriers on a level that can be followed up when the facility is in operation.

The PSA received a good impression of the plans for and execution of training and expertise-building measures within the electrical discipline. 

Maintenance management
The audit activities were carried out through review of the company's governing documents, such as maintenance manuals with underlying procedures, in addition to conversations with involved personnel.

Verifications were carried out on safety-critical equipment and parts of the maintenance management system. Spot checks were performed on the facility and on the spare parts inventory.

Circumstances related to training/familiarity with the STAR maintenance management system and the history of initiated equipment were also verified. We had no comments regarding this.

The PSA was familiar with the fact that the company itself had identified three nonconformities in relation to the regulatory requirements for maintenance management, with a closing date of 1 June 2011.

The activity did not identify any new nonconformities within this area. 

In general, the impression within maintenance management was good, but with improvement items within labelling of equipment, labelling structure, entering data into STAR and internal status reporting on performed maintenance and backlog/not performed maintenance.

The drilling system
The technical system consists of familiar and tested equipment and technology, with one exception, and the pipe handling system appears to be well-managed and organised.

The drilling crew was recruited from external organisations, and is mainly placed in positions they have already had, i.e. limited use of direct promotion as regards recruitment.

There was particular focus on the drillers' work situation because this is critical as regards risk management and supervision in drilling operations. 

Materials handling
During the audit of logistics, which includes materials handling, lifting appliances, lifting equipment and safe use of this type of equipment, nonconformities and improvement items in relation to the regulations were identified.

The circumstances were mainly related to certain deficiencies in the management system, training that was still not completed at the time of the audit and technical factors that can be corrected with simple solutions.

 We noted that CDE has prepared comprehensive training materials and checklists for facility-specific equipment installed on board COSLPioneer. This is to ensure training that provides good qualifications for the equipment users.

Helicopter deck
The Civil Aviation Authority's verifications were carried out based on requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's Regulations relating to helicopter decks on mobile facilities.