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Reminder: Seminar on ageing and producing life extension, 7-8 April

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is staging two seminars on ageing and producing life on 7-8 April. The deadline for registration is Friday 26 March.

When: 09.00-15.00, Wednesday 7 April and Thursday 8 April

Where: The PSA’s premises at Ullandhaug in Stavanger

Programme (PDF)

Registration (link)

Deadline for registration: Friday 26 March

Admission to the seminars is free


A number of installations in the Norwegian petroleum industry have exceeded their design life. Parts of this infrastructure are being considered for use beyond their planned design life.

Using existing installations on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) makes good economic sense for the community and the industry, but will be unacceptable if the producing life of ageing installations is extended at the expense of safety.

The seminars are spread over two days and have some differences in focus.

Day 1
A summary of the PSA project on ageing and producing life extension over the past four years will be presented on 7 April.
Sintef will present a report which describes the process of extending producing life, knowledge gaps related to ageing, important topics which need to be dealt with in connection with a producing life extension, and proposals for further studies. See the link to the report in the right-hand column.

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) will present the development of guidelines and standards for producing life extension, while the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will report on how ageing and producing life extensions are handled on the UK continental shelf (UKCS).

At the end of the day, participants will be invited to brief “walk-on” presentations to comment on the Sintef report and the PSA’s ageing and producing life extension project, and to express views on ageing and extending producing life and how this issue can be managed.

Anyone wishing to give a walk-on presentation must notify the organiser no later than Tuesday 6 April.

Day 2
Attention on 8 April will concentrate on managing structural integrity for both fixed and floating installations. The PSA will present its work on managing technical integrity for ageing installations.

A consultancy report from Ocean Structures will also be presented. This provides an overview of challenges related to safeguarding structural integrity in the event of producing life extensions, as well as a brief summary of six audits in the autumn of 2009 which looked at the management of structural integrity.

DNV has also been invited to present its system for following up the integrity of structures and marine systems on classed installations, and how this will accommodate challenges associated with the ageing issue.

The UK HSE will present relevant projects on safeguarding the technical integrity of structures and producing life extensions on the UKCS.

Provision will also be made for brief presentations at the end of the day from operators and shipping companies on the following topics:

These seminars are relevant for licensees, operators, shipping companies, contractors, consultants, research institutes and other government agencies.

Questions about the seminars can be directed to: