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New edition of Safety – status and signals

Safety - status and signals is our annual report in a magazine format. Its articles summarise and look ahead to some of the most important challenges in the year to come.

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How can the industry work safely when volumes are contracting, costs rising and revenues declining?

Safety – status and signals summarises the past year and looks into its crystal ball.

The aim is to increase knowledge about, create commitment to and enhance understanding of the very foundation for the petroleum industry: safety for people, the environment and material assets.

Read more about a safe late life, our new main priority for 2015.

We also sum up seven years of paying special attention to groups particularly exposed to risk, and introduce you to issues and people set to make their mark on Norway’s largest industry for a good time to come.

A new feature is that this year’s edition is also available as a dedicated web magazine.

Go to the web edition of Safety – status and signals.

If you prefer the paper version, you can order a free copy from margrethe.hervik@ptil.no.