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Regulatory Forum

The Regulatory Forum brings together companies, unions and government in a “tripartite” collaboration on health, safety and the environment (HSE) in the petroleum sector.

It was previously known as the external reference group for regulatory development (ERR).

The Regulatory Forum is a tripartite group we have established in dialogue with the companies and the unions to facilitate:

  • information, discussion, consultation and, where relevant, feedback on the work of developing and maintaining framework documents for the petroleum sector – such as regulatory strategy and work, adaptation to EU/EEA regulations and other international parameters, norms and so forth related to HSE in the petroleum industry
  • information about and discussion on the practical implementation and use of the HSE regulations.
  • exchange of views relating to the content of and experience with the implementation of specific supervisory activities.

The following items are included as appropriate in the agenda for Regulatory Forum meetings:

  • plans for regulatory development
  • mandates for specific regulatory activities
  • status reports concerning ongoing regulatory work
  • collaboration on regulatory development
  • coordination of external consultation processes
  • draft EU directives/EEA implementation
  • information on principal interpretations
  • information on standardisation work
  • information on consultation documents prepared by other players
  • information from the members concerning ongoing activities of interest to the forum.
  • in-depth presentations on important issues.

Other issues related to determining parameters in the petroleum industry may also be relevant.

The Regulatory Forum comprises representatives from:

  • the Ministry of Labour (AD) (observer)
  • the Cooperating Organisations (DSO – the Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers and the Norwegian Maritime Officers' Association)
  • the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions
  • the Norwegian Directorate of Health (Hdir)
  • IndustryEnergy (IE)
  • the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
  • The Norwegian Association of Supervisors
  • the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NR)
  • the Federation of Norwegian Industries (NI)
  • the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norwegian Oil and Gas)
  • the Norwegian Union of Energy Workers (Safe)
  • the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) – chair and secretariat

The Norwegian Environment Agency participates as and when required, and determines whether to attend after receiving the notice of a meeting.

Meetings are normally held with a representative from each member present with the exception of Norwegian Oil and Gas, which may have two representatives. Additional representatives may attend as required, provided we have been informed before the scheduled meeting date.

All members may submit matters for consideration in advance, and will be allowed to use part of the meeting to present these.

Meetings are held quarterly or as and when required. In addition, members receive copies of all relevant letters and so forth relating to the forum’s areas of interest.