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RNNP: questionnaire-based survey of employees in the petroleum industry

As part of RNNP (trends in risk level in the petroleum activity), a questionnaire-based survey is conducted every two years among all employees who work offshore and at onshore facilities. The questionnaire contains questions about safety generally, occupational health and safety, and self-rated personal health. The RNNP 2013 survey is now in progress.

Front page of the questionnaire

The survey is designed to measure employee-rated occupational health and safety within the petroleum industry, and identifies factors that influence variation between groups and trends. The aim is for the survey to help to identify the need for improvement measures and to measure the effect of previously implemented measures.

The survey comprises everyone who works offshore or within the perimeters of onshore facilities, regardless of the terms of their employment or the duration of their assignment.

Online questionnaire
The questionnaire was issued at the work place and each questionnaire has a unique number: The simplest way of completing the form is over the Internet; see: www.iris.no/rnnp2013.

Note that even if you opt to complete the questionnaire online, you will still need a printed questionnaire to obtain the number that lets you access the website.

Broad respondent base yields better measures
The more questionnaire respondents, the better the basis for each facility, company, the industry and the PSA for implementing measures.

The survey is being conducted in the period 14 October to 24 November 2013.