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Analyses and assessments of risk - key elements for safe operations

Audit: Analyses and/or assessments of risk are key elements in carrying out various activities in a safe and prudent manner. To gain a better understanding of how these challenges are perceived by those who in different ways are involved in or affected by various types of risk analyses, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted a survey among selected positions at 23 installations/facilities spread over seven operators.

The method used in this audit activity is different from our traditional inspection methods, particularly in that it is not possible for the individual facility or company to provide supplemental information, and that verifications are not carried out of the assertions and responses which emerge.

The results of the survey will therefore not be used by us, on an independent basis, for assessing compliance with applicable rules and requirements, but will be part of further audit activities within the area.

The purpose of this particular audit activity was to obtain the information base which the individual players themselves should be able to use to assess their own situation in comparison to an average selection. This could form the basis for possible long-term improvement.

Results from the survey are presented in the report Risk assessments - implementation, follow-up and use in operations, maintenance and modifications, developed by Preventor AS.

See link to audit report in the right-hand column. The Preventor report is in Norwegian only.