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Safety - Status and Signals 2013-2014

"Safety - Status and Signals" is our annual report in a magazine format. It's articles summarise and look ahead to some of the most important challenges in the year to come.

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Order the publication (free of charge): margrethe.hervik@ptil.no

Take a trip northwards with us – to the Barents Sea. You’ll be in good company. Virtually the whole of Norway’s petroleum sector has ambitions far to the north on the NCS in 2014. The question is whether all the players are ready for the job.

The far north is the central theme of this year’s edition of "Safety – status and signals". The aim is to highlight the challenges posed by forthcoming operations in the Barents region. In addition to the background, history and facts, an overview is provided of the technical issues where answers and good solutions are currently lacking.

All of part one is devoted to the subject of the far north, which has also been defined as a main priority for the PSA in 2014.

The second section focuses on key issues from 2013, together with important assessments which will affect both the PSA and the Norwegian petroleum industry during 2014.