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Safety - status and signals 2015-2016

Safety - status and signals is our annual report in a magazine format. Its articles summarise and look ahead to some of the most important challenges in the year to come.

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We don’t deny it – the Norwegian oil and gas industry can be hard to grasp. Who is actually responsible for safety? What is the PSA? What is the role of the oil companies? What is supervision? What rights and duties do employees have? Why doesn’t the PSA regulate all activities across the sector?

This year’s issue of Safety – status and signals seeks to provide some comprehensible answers. We’ve tried to produce a kind of textbook, which aims to boost the understanding and knowledge of those working in the industry, and of everyone who’s interested in it.

Changes, challenges and accidents characterised the end of 2015 and the start of this year in Norway’s petroleum sector.

That trend has been a source of growing concern to Anne Myhrvold, director general of the PSA. She shares her views on the present position in the opening chapter, and sends some important signals to the companies at a difficult time.

The last chapter asks a basic question: is safety at a crossroads? Put another way: what happens to safety work at the companies when oil prices fall and cost cuts move up the agenda?

That introduces a debate we at the PSA will be holding many times during 2016 – and for as long as necessary in the following years.