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Audit of Heidrun

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway conducted an audit of stability, ballasting and offloading of the Heidrun facility.

The audit activity was conducted at Statoil's offices in Stjørdal, with the objective of ensuring that the systems for stability, ballasting and offloading of the Heidrun facility are in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Based on, inter alia, the Deepwater Horizon accident, we reviewed possible causes and contributors related to sinking and stability problems on tension leg facilities, as well as possible causes of accidents in connection with offshore loading systems. The fault potential is substantial and analyses of buoyancy, stability and ballasting are sometimes complicated. In such analyses, a lot of things have to be done correctly or in a conservative manner.

The audit identified nonconformities in relation to the regulations in connection with:

Furthermore, the following improvement items were identified: 

Letter to Statoil (In Norwegian)
Audit report (In Norwegian)

Journal 2012/370