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Report concerning internal monitoring and inspection of pipelines

A new report sheds light on available technology and experience gained from monitoring and inspecting pipelines.

The report “Steel pipelines – state of the art for internal condition monitoring and inspection technologies” focuses on internal monitoring and internal inspection of steel pipelines and provides an overview and evaluation of available technology and methods used in this area.

The report is based on a study Marintek performed on assignment from the PSA in 2009.

The PSA has used the results from this study in the form of technical contributions in connection with conducting audit activities.

The results from the study were also summarised at a seminar on operation and inspection of field pipelines held by the PSA in December of last year.

Contact in the PSA:
Kjell-Arild Anfinsen, principal engineer
E-mail: Kjell-A.Anfinsen@ptil.no