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MP Natural environment in 2013

Preventing damage to the natural environment will still be high on the PSA’s agenda, even though this aspect is no longer one of its main priorities.

The many years of working in this way have already yielded good environmental results.The MP-E is not being continued in 2014, but has been incorporated in the other main priorities.

The PSA’s role in efforts to protect the environment from damage is directed first and foremost at the preventive aspect, which was also the key goal with the MP-E. This has involved helping to ensure that the industry works purposefully to prevent accidents which can cause acute discharges.

The PSA has followed up the industry’s commitment, in part by influencing players to learn proactively and systematically from major accidents and incidents which have, or could have caused acute marine pollution. A key point has been to influence the industry to acquire the necessary overview of and control over the most important contributors to the risk of acute discharges in their operations.

This also involves ensuring that the individual company implements preventive measures which are proportionate to the possible consequences of acute pollution.

Broad emphasis has been placed, too, on developing knowledge about subsea installations, both on the NCS and internationally. Well safety and robustness are another focus of attention.

The PSA has done a number of player-specific audits related to MP-E in recent years, and staged several industry seminars where communicating results and transferring experience were key aims.