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Arctic Safety - managing risk in the high north

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is hosting a summit conference 1 November to focus attention on work being done by the industry and the regulators with regard to risk management and acceptable petroleum activities in the Arctic region.

The intention is to establish an arena where chief executives, other key players and government agencies in the petroleum industry, both national and international, can meet to exchange experience on health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry in the High North.        

Safety issues related to petroleum operations in the High North have been discussed in detail at a number of conferences in recent years. Together with various research reports and studies, these meetings have contributed not least to technological developments aimed at making the industry better equipped to tackle the special challenges in this region. A number of questions related to strategic decisions nevertheless remain unanswered.
Moreover, the various challenges appear so far to have been addressed separately. The result is a lack of the overall assessments needed to help decide whether petroleum operations in the High North can be pursued at an acceptable level.
Relevant topics for the conference will accordingly include
  • Requirements and expectations for acceptable activity. How should requirements be further developed and improved? What will the industry itself undertake to do?
  • Experience transfer. Sharing experience and future plans with the government and across the industry. What lessons have been learnt from earlier activities in the High North?
  • The need for industry collaboration in operational activities, development of norms/standards and research. How can the industry be a driving force for collaboration?

Detailed information on the programme will be made available during the autumn.