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International cooperation on shared R&D challenges

Safety authorities around the world have chosen ageing facilities, carbon capture, transport and storage (CCS) and deep water drilling as the most important areas for R&D cooperation over the next couple years. This was decided at the annual meeting of the regulatory authority forum International Committee on Regulatory Research and Development (ICRARD).

ICRARD (International Committee on Regulatory Research and Development) was established in 1994 as a venue for sharing information and experience within HSE research in the petroleum activities.

The initiative was taken by the authorities in the US, Canada, UK and Norway, and over the years, several countries' regulatory authorities have joined the forum. The forum holds annual meetings, and the member countries take turns hosting.

"Sharing information - connecting people"
The UK safety authorities hosted the international regulatory authority forum's meeting in June.

During the meeting, which was held in Buxton, there was broad agreement that ICRARD's website has effectively contributed to spreading information on R&D activities across national borders in line with the forum's motto - "Sharing information - connecting people".

The minutes from the meeting have been published on the forum's website, and include links to the member countries' presentations with an overview of ongoing research and development programs (R&D) within health, safety and the environment in the petroleum activities.

Shared challenges
The presentations and discussions during the meeting confirmed the impression that there are many shared R&D challenges within the petroleum activities. This emphasises the need for more international cooperation in the future.

One of the main conclusions from the meeting is that the forum must contribute to exchange information on ongoing and planned R&D work in the three areas mentioned above, and, if desirable, cooperate on such activities across national borders.

ICRARD's website will be a key channel for spreading information on such activities in the individual member states.

ICRARD contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Øyvind Tuntland, director
Email: oyvind.tuntland@ptil.no