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International meeting of competent public authorities on safety in the High North

On 31 October, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is organising an international meeting of competent public authorities, as an adjunct to the Arctic Safety conference for senior executives.

Participating states will be those with activities in the High North and Arctic regions, and, so far, Russia, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway have confirmed their participation.

The object of the meeting is to strengthen inter-agency collaboration and to discuss the public authorities' approach to safe operations and regulation in the Arctic and northern areas. The authorities' representatives are also participating in the senior executive Arctic Safety conference on 1 November.

The PSA has previously held meetings with all of the authorities in question. But this will be the first combined meeting of all of the states together.

"All of these countries have increased their petroleum activities in the Arctic. We have bilateral contacts, but we envisage benefits from discussing the issue as a group. We also want to discuss future cooperation", says Director of Audits Finn Carlsen.

He points out that the countries share a number of challenges:

"There is a lot of standardisation work and technology developments taking place in this area. The important thing is to share ideas about how the authorities work with these and to discuss whether there are areas where improvements are lacking", he says.

"Petroleum activities are international in scope and the same rigs are used on several continental shelves. Sharing experiences, including for example discussing the requirements we impose on winterisation, is therefore relevant for the authorities in these countries."