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Investigation report after Montara blowout released

Australian authorities have released the report of the Montara commission, containing recommendations following the 21 August 2009 blowout on the Montara field, off Australia's western coast, when the Seadrill facility "West Atlas" burned. The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) will review the report carefully to learn and identify any connections with the petroleum activities in Norway.

No persons died as a result of the blowout off the coast of Australia, but it took more than two months to stop the blowout by drilling a relief well.

Australian authorities have published a series of documents on its web site in connection with the accident, including the investigation report of the commission, assessments of environmental damage, list of measures, etc.

Follow-up by the PSA
The PSA appointed a separate project team following the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe on the Macondo field in the Gulf of Mexico in May 2010. The project group is also reviewing the Montara accident and other relevant incidents.

The group has an extensive mandate, but the overall purpose of the work is to categorise and evaluate experiences and investigations following these major accidents, so that they may contribute to learning and improvement on the Norwegian shelf.

The PSA assumes that the industry acquires and applies all knowledge which is made available, i.e. after the Montara incident.

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