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Program ready for the Safety Forum’s annual conference on 8 June

What expectations does the Government have as regards safety in the petroleum activities? What have the industry and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) learned so far from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe? And how are the industry and authorities preparing for increased oil and gas activities in the northern areas? These are some of the topics of this year’s Safety Forum annual conference, which is titled “Future challenges”.

The annual conferences held by the Safety Forum have developed into important, annual meeting places for everyone concerned with major accident and working environment risk in our industry.

The conference, which is being organised for the ninth time this year, gathers managers and experts from the industry, professional bodies and educational environments.

The conference is held in Norwegian.

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About this year’s conference
This year’s conference has been divided into four sessions:

The backdrop session will open with a contribution from state secretary Jan-Erik Støstad in the Ministry of Labour. Based on a new Storting Report relating to working conditions, working environment and safety, he will share the Ministry’s expectations for the industry in a contribution titled ”Is the petroleum industry still a leader within HSE?”

Following this, the distinguished head of Litteraturhuset in Oslo and the ”oil kid” Aslak Sira Myhre will speak on ”Oil – from black gold to black sheep?”

Finally in this introductory session – which forms the backdrop for the conference – the PSA director and head of the Safety Forum, Magne Ognedal, will offer his reflections regarding the topic of the day when he talks about ”Future challenges – how do we meet these?”

After Deepwater
In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the industry and authorities have, both nationally and internationally, worked to review reports and information with a view towards identifying the need for new knowledge and measures to avoid such catastrophes in the future.

At this year’s annual conference, we want to present experiences from the PSA’s own follow-up, along with the status of the industry’s work and thoughts regarding the licensee role in a major accident context.

Ten-year anniversary
The Safety Forum is ten years-old in 2011 and we look forward to welcoming both experienced and new representatives for the parties in the Safety Forum to reflect on the past – and think outside the box – about the tripartite HSE cooperation in our industry.

We will not only celebrate – this is also the day to assess whether the road ahead should be to stay the course or set a new direction.

Headed North
The northern areas in many ways represent the opportunities and challenges our industry currently faces.

We are concerned with discussing some of these challenges in a perspective where major accidents, working environment and environment risk are elements that all players must relate to.

The petroleum industry must handle this risk in more difficult and northern waters. New technology must be phased into old infrastructure. At the same time, licensees must meet the requirements for use of the best expertise and best available technology.

At the same time, the individual in the activity offshore must trust that the activity is managed and implemented in a prudent manner, both in a major accident and working environment perspective.

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