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Risks associated with vessel operations in the petroleum activities

On commission from the PSA, Lloyd's Register has undertaken a study to shed light on the risk picture associated with different vessel operations in the petroleum activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The study shows the extent of vessel operations carried out and the risk elements inherent in them.

The risk elements of 11 different vessel operations are defined, with descriptions of the vessel types involved. The analysis looks at risk elements that affect the activities, and the risk-reducing measures that are normally established. This was a qualitative study with a focus on incidents with a major accident potential or that could cause personal injuries, pollution or material damage.

Overall, the study results show that, for some of the activities, there is the potential for major accidents with fatalities and/or serious injuries, or material damage with significant economic losses.

Enhanced auditing of vessels
We are conducting a separate series of audits of vessels in 2019. The study’s conclusions are being incorporated into the planning support and will be useful in helping us decide what we should be looking at in our audits.