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Seminar on the environment: - Important to learn from others' accidents

The Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif) and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) are committed to preventing acute emissions and discharges to the environment. "All of the parties must do a better job of learning from accidents that have resulted in environmental emissions and discharges," says the PSA's director for supervisory activities, Finn Carlsen.

This week, the Climate and Pollution Agency (formerly SFT) and the PSA organized a seminar under the title "When accidents threaten the environment”. The seminar shed light on experience gained and lessons learned from various incidents offshore.

Lessons learned from the Statfjord accident
Experience gained from the Statfjord accident about two years ago was one of the topics at Tuesday's seminar.

This accident involved the leakage of 4000 tonnes of crude oil into the sea from the second largest spill in Norwegian oil history. The PSA believes that we need to do a better job of learning from such accidents.

"The companies that experience such incidents are good at implementing measures to improve safety, while companies that have not experienced accidents don't do nearly as well.

It is important that we learn from such accidents, particularly as we gradually make our way into areas that are far more vulnerable, such as the Barents Sea and possibly also Lofoten," says Finn Carlsen in the PSA.

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