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Study of causal relationships involved in construction and maritime incidents

Under the auspices of the annual summary of trends in risk level on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, RNNP 2013, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has commissioned a study to gain insights into the causalities of, and possible mitigation measures for, construction and maritime incidents. As an adjunct to this, we would like to elicit the opinions of industry professionals through a simple online survey.

The background to this study is the negative trend in reported construction and maritime incidents on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The potential inherent in the incidents on Floatel Superior and Scarabeo 8 in 2012 underscore the seriousness of the trend.

Separate chapter in RNNP 2013
The study is being performed by Safetec on behalf of the PSA and will have its own chapter in the 2013 annual summary of trends in risk level. This will be published on the PSA website in April 2014.

Online survey
In addition to a review of earlier investigation reports, other research findings and interviews, we will be inviting operators, shipping companies and the engineering environments at contractors to participate in a simple electronic questionnaire-based survey. This will be way of ensuring that the companies' own specialists have an opportunity to bring their expertise to bear.

Companies and contributors will be fully anonymised in the study.

Improved knowledge of causes and potential measures
The object of the study is to provide the industry and the PSA with a better knowledge base concerning causes and potential measures relating to construction and maritime incidents, as well as to identify the main challenges that the petroleum industry may need to tackle in order to reduce the risk of future incidents.

For a broad approach and to gain insights into the underlying causes, we will also be evaluating the importance of planning, decision-making and other material factors (of a technical, organisational or operational nature) preceding construction and maritime incidents.

Contact details at the PSA:
Elisabeth Lootz 
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Arne Kvitrud
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Terje Andersen
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