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Northern concern

Extensive work is being pursued with the PSA’s encouragement to learn more about HSE challenges on the NCS above the Arctic Circle.

Date: Wednesday 21 March, 09:00-16:00 (sign-in from 08:30) and Thursday 22 March up to lunch.

Venue: Clarion Energy Hotel, Stavanger

Price: NOK 1,500 excl. VAT.

Registration deadline: 
19 March 2018

The presentations will be given in Norwegian, with the option for onsite translation

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Extra attention has been paid by the agency to this region, where petroleum operations have increased in recent years with more exploration wells and further development of discoveries.

A high level of activity is expected in the future. This has been paralleled by a great deal of discussion about whether the industry knows enough about HSE challenges there.

“We’ve been pressing the industry to clarify location-specific challenges in the far north and to learn more about them – and about how to handle them in a good way,” says Finn Carlsen, the PSA’s director for professional competence.

“We’ve encouraged and made provision for exchanging experience, collaborating and sharing knowledge on this region. And we’ve launched a number of technical projects ourselves.”

With funding from the ASD and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the PSA has initiated a total of 19 studies focused on various challenges and issues, he reports.

“These include safety in the working environment, drilling and wells, design, and ice and snow conditions. Other

The project period in this commitment runs until 2019.

Overviews of all the studies, with links to reports from those completed, are published here.


The Arctic Safety conference being staged by the PSA in Stavanger during March will present results from the completed projects and the status of the most important safety-related studies under way.

“This is the third time we’re bringing together the industry for a major conference on working safely in the far north,” observes Carlsen.

“Arctic Safety is an important meeting place and a key arena for discussing the challenges we face with respect to petroleum activities in these waters.”