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Prevention of pollution in the Arctic

New report on measures for preventing oil pollution in the Arctic marine environment.

Petroleum activities in the High North have helped place environmental issues high on the public agenda. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has undertaken a project to identify measures to assist in preventing hydrocarbon pollution of the marine environment in the Arctic.

The report is a source document for the technical systems available, the installations already in operation in the Arctic and projects under way to develop new solutions for petroleum activities in the High North.

"The key contribution to environmental safety is prevention, which is just as relevant in the North as elsewhere in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In addition to its factual components, the report offers observations, recommendations and proposals for future work on managing safety in the High North", says the PSA's principal engineer Sigurd Robert Jacobsen.

The background to the project is an Arctic Council initiative, the Task Force On Pollution Prevention (TFOPP). The report itself has been prepared by Proactima.