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Consent to carry out exploration drilling on Grane

Statoil has received consent to carry out exploration drilling of well 25/11-27 on the Grane field with the Songa Trym mobile drilling facility

Statoil is the operator on the Grane field, which has been producing since 2003. The field is developed with an integrated living quarters, drilling and process facility. Statoil has applied for consent to drill an exploration well in a nearby structure to investigate its reservoir properties.

The well will be named 25/11-27 and will be drilled at the following coordinates:

  • 59° 14' 15.78" N
  • 02° 32' 51.25" E

The site is 132 km west of Utsira in Rogaland. Water depth at the site is 126 metres.

The drilling is scheduled to start early in May, and has an expected duration of 28 days. The well will then be permanently plugged and abandoned.

The well will be drilled with the Songa Trym mobile drilling facility.



Songa Trym (photo) is a semi-submersible drilling facility, type Aker H-3, built in 1976 with several subsequent modifications. The facility, operated by Songa Offshore, is registered in Norway and classified in DnV. It received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the first time in 2009 and a new AoC in February 2013 as a result of a change in ownership.

Journal 2013/423