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Information and questions regarding cuttings injection wells

In a circular sent to the operating companies, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has asked the companies to submit information about the technical and operational condition of all cuttings injection wells on the Norwegian shelf, as well as which corrective measures the operators have available and will implement if weaknesses/uncertainties are uncovered.

A circular letter is an identically-worded communication sent to all or selected groups of players in the petroleum sector, depending on whom the content is relevant for.

Circular letters

There have been several incidents in recent years of break-through of cuttings and fluid to the seabed from wells that for injection of cuttings and other operational fractions.

In several cases, we have become aware of incidents as a consequence of annual inspections of the facilities on the seabed, or as a consequence of discharges observed on the sea surface.

The incidents have entailed pitting on the seabed, with deposits of cuttings and flow of liquid, or, in some cases, ridges on the seabed.

Leaks from cuttings injectors have been discovered, for instance, on the Tordis field in May 2008 and on the Veslefrikk field in November 2009.

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