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Report following audit of well operations and well technology - Island Constructor

On 13 April 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit activity on board the Island Constructor facility, while the facility was docked at Ulsteinvik. The activity was aimed at well equipment and well operations. No regulatory non-conformities were identified during the audit.

The audit activity on the Island Constructor was opened with a start-up meeting followed by a review of the companies’ roles in the alliance. The audit activity emphasised systems for following up competence and familiarisation. An inspection was then performed on the facility and conversations were held with personnel on board. Following a conversation with safety delegate representatives, the audit activity was concluded with a debriefing session.

The audit activity was well facilitated by Island Offshore.

Island Offshore applied for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the well intervention facility Island Constructor on 18 December 2009. The audit activity was directly linked to the PSA’s processing of this application.

The goal of the audit activity was to verify circumstances surrounding well operations related to Island Offshore’s AoC application for the Island Constructor facility.

Island Offshore Management and Island Offshore Sub Sea are currently allied with FMC and Aker Well Service for operating Island Constructor, which performs light well intervention on subsea wells. Roles and responsibilities within the alliance were reviewed and explained, especially in relation to following up competence and familiarisation. Planning and operation procedures for well intervention were presented.

The audit team received a good impression of the organisation and working relations on board. No regulatory non-conformities were identified during the audit, but two improvement items were established.


No non-conformities identified.

Improvement items

Arrangement of kill and stimulation lines
Lines to the kill and stimulation unit were not permanent.
We observed that the installed high pressure lines were of the chiksan type with joints and hammer fittings. These were not permanently mounted and secured. We are familiar with several severe personal injuries during use of such unsecured equipment. We also observed that low pressure hoses were mounted in a less than satisfactory manner in relation to safety.

Material handling at the mud mixing station
Transport of sack materials.
There was no arrangement for mechanical sack transport from the deck to the mixing station. The sacks had to be carried manually through a doorway from one level to another (stairway).


The “Technical specification- Island Constructor", dated 7 April 2009 rev. 5, which is part of the AoC documentation, mentions that the facility is also capable of performing coiled tubing operations through a rigid riser. We were informed during the audit activity that this was not planned for the foreseeable future, neither on the Norwegian shelf nor in other locations.