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Basic information about the regulations in Svalbard

Regulations relating to safe practices in scientific research and exploration for petroleum deposits in Svalbard (the Svalbard regulations) are of key importance for petroleum activities in these islands.

They were adopted by royal decree on 25 March 1988, pursuant to Section 4 of the Act Relating to Svalbard of 17 July 1925 no 11.

These regulations apply to safety in connection with prospecting and exploration drilling for petroleum deposits or other exploration pursuant to the Mining Regulations for Svalbard, where petroleum deposits may be found on land in the islands or in their sea area out to the territorial limit.

We can determine that these regulations will apply wholly or in part to petroleum production.

We also determine what is to be regarded as activities of the kind covered by these regulations.

The regulations are intended to safeguard people, the environment and material assets through provisions relating to operational, technical and emergency preparedness aspects of the activities mentioned in section 2 (prospecting, exploration drilling for petroleum deposits or other explorations pursuant to the Mining Regulations for Svalbard).

Approval or permission can only be refused under these regulations on the basis of inadequacies with regard to such issues.

Requirement for acceptable operation
Prospecting and exploration drilling for petroleum deposits must be conducted in an acceptable manner and in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Responsible party
Anybody conducting activities of the kind specified in section 2 must comply with the provisions of these regulations and any orders issued pursuant to them, and ensure that the activities are conducted in compliance with them.

The licensee is responsible for ensuring that everyone performing work on its behalf, whether personally, through their employees or through contractors or subcontractors, complies with the requirements specified in the safety and working environment legislation. The same applies to administrative decisions made pursuant to this legislation.

Authority to make company-specific decisions and issue regulations
We can issue regulations and make the company-specific decisions required to implement the provisions specified in and pursuant to these regulations, and can impose conditions in company-specific decisions. We can depart from these regulations if special reasons make that necessary or appropriate.

The regulations also contain a number of provisions relating to operations. These include the actions which require consent, which can be pursued without further permission and so forth.